This annoying fucker who I scammed for a bunch of money still thinks I cares about his lame claim. I owe him about €6300 and about €400 in interest, but fuck him!

He probably don't have anything solid on paper, at least no signature of mine that proofs his claim. I'm home free!

So I made him pay the rent for my apartment almost the whole 2015 and he lend me cash each and every weekend. I even got him to pay for my ticket to Sweden Rock Festival 2015! Hilarious!


Remember to keep many friends, you'll never know when you need to scam them of their money!


Today Sweden Rock Festival did their first band release for 2017.

As some may have suspected, it was Aerosmith that was presented.

As the traditions bids, I made a statement: This is BIG! This does it, I'm going to Sweden Rock Festival next year!


Well, I was already signed up to be a slave selling records as an employee in a tent within the area already, but it sound so cool when I make it sound like it matters!

I'm fortunate to have some people winded round my finger still...


Stay pink and fluttery!


The year 2015, I was banned from Rockingham. They banned all was involved in the prior festival, Fire Fest, from going there.

They wanted to promote themselves as "the new Fire Fest" and my hopes was that they would fail HARD! To be honest, I didn't want to go there anyway.

This year, I can't hardly wait to get there. Even if I have a huge debt to a person that I hustled last year, and the fact that I probably have to live on noodles rest of the year, I will not miss this festival.

I will spend my few bucks on beer and hope that someone supports me with a ticket home.

See you there, be sure to "grab me by my pussy"


Stay pink and fluffy!